Tropical Carpet Cleaning Reno is the area's best. And we can help you out of any mess!


Reno Carpet Cleaning is the leader in stain removal and carpet renewal.

Oh yeah. I said it.  And it almost rhymes.  When you say it out loud, it sounds like you’re a rapper.  So, just for my eloquent phraseology, I think that you realize that I am better at the carpet cleaning business than I am in the advertising business.  That should give you hope!

Tropical Carpet Reno Carpet Cleaning is the brainchild of a few friends that felt they could do a better job at cleaning carpets than what they had seen out of bigger companies that came in from Reno.  You know the type – zoom in because the 30-minute drive got them wound up. Then they unloaded and setup so chaotically that you thought your dog might lose an eyebrow or something.  And to top it off, they rushed from room to room and paid no attention to spots that you were hoping to never see again after they left. But the place was so wet that you weren’t sure if any of your carpets was any cleaner.  Well, those were the guys that made us think that we could be a damn better carpet cleaning company. So we salute them.

Yep. We looked hard at the carpet cleaning world.  Gathered massive amounts of data, had nerds in 5 countries examine that data.  And we created a plan.  And our plan was simple – to create a carpet cleaning company based on customer service and quality workmanship.   So we researched the gear we’d need, made sure that everyone was well trained in the use of the gear, and then made sure that every employee was top notch in customer service.

This was no easy feat. We had to toss some people to the curb for not being polite enough or for not making sure that Fido’s eyebrows were safe.  But we are a better company because we wanted to be sure that our goal of high-quality work and customer service and satisfaction were always met.

Now it’s time for us to ask you to make a decision.  You can dial us up to get a quote.  Or you can close your browser window and call the boys up in Reno.  I don’t think we are going to be priced much different. But if you choose Tropical Carpet Cleaning Reno – we’ll be nicer to you (and your dog).

Carson Carpet Cleaning says - love your dog. We'll clean the carpet.

Tropical Carpet Cleaning Reno is the best at pet stain removal and carpet renewal.

We are the best carpet cleaning company in Reno  You know how we did it?  It wasn’t easy, but from the beginning, we made the decision that we were going to earn that distinction.  And we strive to earn that title over again everyday for the work we do for every client.

So, if you want to have your carpets cleaned really well, we are the best call that you can make.  And if you call and tell us that you read the crazy stuff on our website, we’ll even throw you a super virtual coupon.  We’ll cut you a deal that will be better than a groupon carpet cleaning deal that you might find.  Why?  Because we want to be your favorite carpet cleaning company.  We want to be the ones that YOU call ‘the best carpet cleaning company in Carson City’.

What makes us the best?  Well, we start by arriving on time.  Nothing is worse than having to wait for someone that is suppose to come to serve you and they can’t even arrive on time.  We are not those guys.  The next thing that makes us the best carpet cleaning company in Reno is our attention to detail.  We take the time to scout out the carpets in your home and plan to work on the carpets that need the most attention first.  Then we simply do a damn good job.  Really.

Our goal is to do such good work on your carpets that you’ll call us back every time you need your carpets cleaned again.  And we price our service so that you can afford to have us clean your carpets more often.

So, grab the phone and call us.  We look forward to being the company that you call Reno’s best carpet cleaners.


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